Well hello there, my dear blogging chum. If you’re looking to bring more people to your blog or promote you’re latest post then look no further because this page is here for you. (Is this paragraph sounding enough like a bad infomercial yet?) I know that the community pool and other posts exist for this reason but hopefully you’ll get a slightly more focused attention here!

Here’s how to participate in the Community Tab

  1. Follow this blog.
  2. Find other users to follow and engage with.
  3. Leave your promotional comments in the comment section below.
  4. Don’t completely and utterly spam the comment section – this is a place to have fun and engage with other bloggers!
  5. Make sure you include links so we can all find your blog posts!

I’m quite aware that, at the time of writing this, I only have 500 followers so this page will most likely be made up of tumbleweed for a while but I hope that, as the blog expands, more people will use this page to promote literally anything you want. I have a few developments that I want to make to this page in the future but, for now, this will do. Promote away!!


272 thoughts on “Community

  1. Hi Guys, I’d love if you all would follow and give my blog a read! I post weekly, sometimes twice a week. My blog is about me and my new life in Madrid, trying to analysis the world around me and figure out how to be an adult! I also have an entertainment section where I post book, podcast and television recommendations!
    Hope you enjoy it:


  2. Hi guys. I’ve posted my blog on this page before, but I just sorta accidentally wrote the most amazing post I’ve ever written. I like it a lot, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly in which direction my blog will go, but this might help that a lot. Check it out and I’d absolutely love to hear any thoughts you guys have. Thank you! ❤


  3. Check out the E.Leukhardt Blog! A blog about life, liberty, and the pursuit of whatever I feel like writing about, and happiness.
    The newest post is a first in a series about identity, check out “Who are We? A post on Identity”.
    The most popular is an untypical review of the Greatest Showman, check out “The Greatest Showman: Real vs. Reel”
    Other posts include: “Sephora Hacks” and “Depression is Real and HARD”

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  4. Hello everyone!
    I feel quite out of my depth here as a 17 year old and I am slowly trying to find my feet (both on this platform and in my writing)

    I just recently posted my first blog post that I really put thought and time into researching and so I would love any kind of feedback that could help guide me.
    Honesty is appreciated, I aim to improve.

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