This is my Reputation

For the past half an hour or so, I’ve been wondering what to do with myself. Actually, I very nearly deleted my blog and started a new one. I still wanted to write but not here. I thought about the nearly 1500 followers I have and how none of them really seem to know that I’m here anymore. I thought about how this time last year, I would have to mute my phone overnight because of all the notifications. I thought about how the name of this blog doesn’t even really apply to me anymore. I had eager readers; I was getting everything I wanted out of blogging and then it all stopped.

I’m not going to delete my blog. I have, however, deleted all my previous posts and I’m starting afresh here but it won’t be the same. I guess that’s my fair warning to you all.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a closet Swiftie. I’m sat here next to a stack of CDs thinking up the motif for the next era of my blog.

This is my reputaiton

11 thoughts on “This is my Reputation

  1. I would never normally comment but hello there!
    I’m sort of a follower who surfaces here whenever I get an email-ping-thing and have been reading for a little while, and have been relating a lot. Its nice to hear from a fellow second year uni survivor (although for me its Geography not English).
    I had big plans to make a revision blog to write up some poetry notes from A-level (hence the name) but never got past the first post, so I highly commend your commitment to this! I just wanted to say that maybe new is good (however much of a cliche it is) and that with great power comes great responsibility (because i may as well chuck that in there whilst I’m at it). I have enjoyed the irregular posts and your writing style a lot, so whatever you’d like to share, I’ll be around to read it (as long as thats okay of course).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all need a bit of a poke sometimes to remind us that people are still listening, so consider yourself poked (you’re welcome).
    I for one am looking forward to the new era. Kate

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    1. Awh wow thanks for that! I’m so glad that you’ve introduced yourself I love the idea that I have some silent but regular readers! Thank you so much for leaving that comment and I’ll definitely check out your blog now!


  2. come out of that silly closet..honestly, liking Taylor is no big deal…or is it? Does the EU have something against the young lady? We Americans think she’s fab…………..and why on earth would you think we had forgotten you or thought you’d disappeared? We know you are in college after all and that life is horribly busy. Write what you want, when you want…it will be read as you are quite obviously an author in the making.

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    1. A) I have absolutely no idea I have yet to find someone who likes her with my same level of enthusiasm over here and
      B) “an author in the making” you have no idea how much that meant. My heart just skipped when I read that. I’m going to need a minute to process that sentence


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