So today is one of those days that isn’t quite going how I’d planned it. I have work to do on an assignment that is due on Friday; I’d downloaded all my research ready to read but when I found myself writing this blog post in my head instead of thinking about how Addison constructs the persona of Mr. Spectator, I thought I would give myself a second break today and write the damn thing down.

You see, my dear blogging chums (I’ve really missed saying that!), I’m in quite the conflicted position at the minute. Putting my story of ‘why things changed’ on hold for a minute, I write to you today for advice. I’m aware this isn’t something I’ve really done before. I’ve asked for opinions in the comments before but I have never asked you, my readers, to help me make a pretty big decision; but, here I am, there you are, and here we go.

Some of you may have heard of the company ‘Americamp’ before; they’re an organisation that sends people around my age to work in summer camps in different parts of North America every year for about three months of summer. You spend approximately two months working in these camps and then, for the final month, you’re allowed 30 days to go and explore America. It was something I first noticed on Facebook but then really began to research during one of my lectures (’cause I’m a great student!) and I was genuinely intrigued but also, deep down, never really thought it would happen. It was one of those things that I would ogle at and marvel at how fun it looked without ever actually doing anything about it. So, this time, I resolved to do something about it and started an application.

For the past couple of days, however, I’ve essentially been looking for a reason to put myself off going, looking for a reason not to go. I had already been in contact with the people at Americamp and it so happened that at the minute, the application fee is £5 instead of £40. I’d spoken to my manager about taking unpaid leave for three months away from work and he said it would probably be doable. I have no commitments over summer (in fact next year is the year I finish uni and there is a pretty good chance that I’ll either be looking for or have a job over the summer) and I’m currently in a relatively financially stable position. My point is, dear reader, that all of the attempts I have made to find a reason not to go have failed. I like to think I’m not the soppy believing in signs from the universe kind of person, but it does seem that all of the signs are pointing me to go.

The only qualm I have about going now is the fact that I would potentially be bunking with a fair number of people in the same room as me (possibly children) which, as someone who currently lives alone, is a little disconcerting. But that seems like a small price to pay for potentially having the time of my life. After I’m done bunking with these people, I’d get 30 days to go exploring America with the people I’ve met in camp.

The bottom line is that I could potentially have the best summer of my life but I still have that little niggle at the bottom of my stomach telling me that I might not like it, that I’ve never spent that long away from home in one go before, that my Mum might be devastated that this would be the first family holiday that I’d miss.

So, guys, it’s over to you: thoughts? I particularly need reassuring on the whole sharing-a-room-with-loads-of-people front. (I’m hopefully now going to get on with my assessment and read your comments as the day goes on!)

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash


26 thoughts on “America?

  1. Well, first hello!!!! I saw a comment from you on my blog from ages ago and I remembered I haven’t been here in a LONG TIME.
    Secondly, GO FOR IT, staying in with children won’t make a difference really, you’re use going to sleep there and this camp thing sounds hella fun


  2. I can understand why you feel a little daunted (the sharing room with lots of other people would put me off too) but it is a great opportunity and I would definitely hate it. Even if you think it’s not for you, it’s 3 months not 3 years and you can chalk it up to an experience and go from there.

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    1. Thank you for that. I had a little wobble yesterday after submitting my application. I was supposed to be attending a camp fair today but I just didn’t feel up to it. I didn’t like how rushed the process felt and how I would essentially have no time to decide which camp to go to if I attended the fair. I still think I want to go but I might need reconvincing ahaha

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  3. Hi,

    So lets start with me telling you I am 44 and now thanks to cancer and chemotherapy heart failure my travelling days are limited.

    In my younger days I worked hard and travelled to Europe many times with my partner. I hated flying, I don’t particularly like crowds and I don’t have kids – but I had the best time of my life on these holidays!

    Please please please take the opportunity you have had, because believe me when you are lying in a hospital bed the last thing you ever want is regrets about not doing stuff when you had the health, wealth and stability.

    Yes it’s scary, yes it’s the Unknown, and yes there will always be doubts, but that’s the same as leaving uni and deciding if the career you studied for is the one you really want to do. Or the doubts you get at interviews with employers. It’s lithe way of life.

    I see a lot of the social pressures that worried me at my age worrying you now. The pressure of alcohol, the pressure of exams, the pressure of family commitments.

    Secretly, I think you mum will be proud that you are spreading your wings. She may be a bit judgemental but that’s only because she cares. I have a stepson who has grown from a sulky teenager to a loving married family man. He has made choices we might not ha e agreed with but these are his choices- he is his own person.

    My advice is to write a list of all the pros of the experience and all the cons. Whichever is longer will be your answer. Just remember there are no problems in life only challenges.

    Be happy with whatever you decide. Xx

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    1. Wow that’s such a powerful story thank you. Although I’ve had a little wobble today I’m trying to convince myself once again that it would be incredible. I think one of the things that would make me feel better is finding someone who would be going to the same camp as me which I’m sure I could online somehow. I just think the realism of it all hit me a bit quick last night!

      Thank you so much for sharing that. My breath got a little stuck in my throat when I read those first lines I’m so so sorry


  4. Do it. You’ll regret not doing it otherwise. You’re in a good position with work and family holidays will happen another year. I live in Dubai and will continue to do so for another 18 months, I hate it, but do not regret taking the opportunity. It’s opened my eyes to new possibilities and I’ve proved to myself that I’m not a miserable, boring person. Loneliness actually sucks after a while and I miss living with a group of people (even though whilst I did I spent a lot of time in my room alone!) Take the opportunity. You might not have the time of your life, but it’s what you make if it, and I guarantee it will be much more exciting and interesting that another 3 months of same old, same old. Good luck!

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  5. Not sure why, but I just thought of concentration camps whenever I read the word “camp”.
    Moving on…
    You should totally go. I think any chance to travel and see something different is an amazing idea.
    Sharing a room with many people. Definitely challenging, BUT – How much time will you send in that room? It will be summer. You can go and hang out outside. Just use the room to sleep in.

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    1. That’s what I’m trying to tell myself. There will more than likely be some kind of staff room and it is just for summer anyway. It’s not like uni where you also kind of live in your room is what I need to tell myself. Thank you for he logical thought that had somehow escaped my head aha (and I’m just going to skirt over the concentration camp comment. It did however make me think that you’re probably lethal when playing cards against humanity)

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  6. The only thing I have ever truly regretted in my life is a missed opportunity. I had the chance to go to France for two months the summer of my Senior year. I had the passport ready, enough cash at hand that I would have no real hardships, but I found myself thinking (all the time) that I didn’t want to go because………and I came up with a thousand and one excuses why I didn’t want to go. The biggest fear was that i would be with a bunch of people I didn’t know in a large hostel where we all shared the same spaces. I didn’t control my fear but allowed it to control me and I failed to make it to the airport on time to get on the flight. After I found out that the flight had already boarded and left I felt such a huge feeling of regret that it overpowered me. I have always wanted to see France. I have never been, and never will be able to go now for various reasons. Don’t look back on your life at age 40 or 60 and think “I wish I had gone”. DO IT!

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    1. Wow I think that’s really similar to what I feel about this. If I were to go, there is essentially no logical downside to going and I don’t want to let those little reasons stop me from going and having what could quite possibly be the time of my life. Thank you so much for that comment. If I’m honest, I really think the comment section of this post has actually pushed me into making this decision, I sort of look around and wonder what else I’d be doing with my summer and the answer would be the same thing I always do. This is possibly the last chance I’ll ever be able to do something like this ever again so I guess I might as well go out with a bang!

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    1. Hey thanks for the response! I’m really loving all the reinforcement I’m getting from everyone here. I think I’m quite resolved now in hopping on a train this afternoon, heading back to uni and starting my application properly when I get back!

      Do you know the west coast well then? Because I think that’s where a lot of camps are based

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      1. While I live in the UK now, I’m from Washington State (my home town is about 40 minutes south of Vancouver), and have travelled all up and down the west coast. anywhere in Oregon is amazing and beautiful, Northern California is fantastic with the red wood forrest and the Bay Area. Southern California is nice and warm, and never mind the mountains that got through all three states are just phenomenal. You seriously cant go wrong!
        That being said, the only states ive been to off the west coast are Utah in November which was really dry and really cold, and Montana in the summer, but i was filming a biker festival, so I don’t know how much I properly experienced the area, lol. I’m sure other state are equally fantastic.

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  7. Wow that sounds like such an amazing, if daunting, opportunity! You should definitely do it. I know it’s hard, but try to ignore that niggling doubt at the back of your mind. If you listen to it you’ll be left wondering what would’ve happened if you hadn’t! Best of luck with your travelling adventures. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for the response! It’s definitely something I want to do and reading these comments as time goes on the more and moe I think it’s something that I definitely want to do. I think the general consensus seems to be that I’d regret not going more than I’d regret having a bad trip! 🙂


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