Anyone Out There? (Still)

The lull had existed for quite some time. He vanished after his grand re-introduction, not at all humiliating. He got drunk, high; he changed. But every now and then, he checks up on the life he once had and the people he once knew, though most of them have long since dissipated. But through that dissipation, he found something he’d long-since forgotten about: the excitement of putting something out there for all the world to read and it not receiving a single click.

Hi guys. I’ve missed you.


13 thoughts on “Anyone Out There? (Still)

  1. Your blog post is short and slightly mysterious — so I will wait to learn more 9or not) in future posts. Glad you are listening to Prince’s music (if I understand the comments above correctly). I, too, haven’t written a new blog post for many months. Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

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    1. It’s definitely a toe-dip back into the pool that is blogging and I’ll have a look at what you’ve written as well. And Prince isn’t someone I’ve listened to a lot but recently he’s becoming one of my favourites. Not half an hour ago I was arguing that purple rain is one of the greatest songs ever written along with bohemian rhapsody and Imagine

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  2. well, there you are! We have missed you…but life comes first. Write when you can or when you feel like it. And, perhaps you should think about the blog name before you throw yourself off the bridge next time. lol

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    1. Hello hello hello!!!
      I was thinking about that. Although “the student” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it ahaha. I’m making no promises with blogging this time. The only reason I wrote this was because I was trying to write something else and found myself blogging instead.

      But I’m now sat reading the comments and listening to prince and writing which I must say is rather fun!

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    1. Quick Answer: I grew up. The dissapearence was the result of a slight internal crisis. I kind of feel like my actual personality is only just emerging. I know that’s really vague but there is music playing and I can’t multi-task. I’m happy to chat though aha – thank’s for sticking around 🙂

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        1. I thought it seemed drastic too but I think it’s all to do with perspective. What I was and what I went to are very far apart. But really I’m just where everyone else my age is. It’s not like I’m going out every night and getting drunk. It isn’t. It’s just now I’ve got beer in my fridge as well as everything else aha.

          I’m good with it all I promise aha. More than anything I opened my eyes a bit and saw that I’ve lived such a sheltered life and unless I change something soon I was going to miss out. Just to put it into perspective, I’m so sheltered my fiends have a list of things I haven’t experienced like rollercoasters, hook-ups and eating pizza. Very, v Rey long story!!

          Anyway enough about me aha: how’ve you been?

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            1. Awesome good for you!

              And I am committing as little as possible because if I say I’ll 100% do something it almost certainly won’t happen and this last hour or two has been quite fun so I don’t want to ruin it by saying I’m back now. I’m just around.

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